Light metals – that says it all.

Constructions in aluminium alloys have primarily one thing in common: They are light. Whenever a component relies on a low weight, light metals are the preferred choice. But light metals have a lot more to offer. They are corrosion-resistant and especially strong – a decisive advantage when it comes to structural components in a vehicle, for example. The decorative surfaces of aluminium components are appreciated in every industry. What’s more: With the right know-how, light metals can be processed with very different manufacturing methods. Martinrea Honsel has precisely that know-how.

With more than one hundred years of experience in processing aluminium alloys, we offer products and solutions in light metals that are used worldwide in very different applications. In engine blocks, transmission housings, structural components and interior equipment for cars and commercial vehicles, as well as in mechanical and plant engineering, decorative front panels for kitchens and hi-fi systems, reflectors for lamps and much more. Our solutions meet precisely the requirements that our customers set. High strength, particular dimensional precision, high-quality surfaces all with one thing in common: low weight. Together with our customers we develop innovative and customized solutions. Martinrea Honsel offers a unique mix of technologies: Casting, rolling, machining, assembly. Everything under one roof.

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